Friday, July 10, 2009

saks sale day 1-2

My favorite part of sales is that I get a chance to get crazy shoes that I would normally be too sensible to buy. I made away the first day of the sale with three beautiful pairs, here's a group pic:

Here are some close ups of the pink louboutins aka my barbie shoes! G and J were kind enough to pick them out while I wasn't there and put them on hold for me. Aren't they gorgeous?

Looks like some one else wants to try them on too. Here are close ups of the Miss Fortunes

The leather on those is amazing and so rich. Here are close ups on the Burberry wedges, I walked all the way home from Saks in them, they're so comfortable! I will put some outfits together with them, but they're such casual shoes.

Tomorrow I'll put up pictures of the Miu Mius I got today, good night!



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  2. the louboutins are to die for. what a chic choice!


  3. great collection of fabulous shoes:)