Wednesday, July 15, 2009

saks sale (cont.)

Two posts ago, S showcased some of her goodies from Saks' spring/summer sale, here are mine!

I went by Saks around a month ago when they first did their additional 33% off and scored a pair of gorgeous Chanels. The reason why I didn't wait for the next markdown was because I knew they wouldn't last till the next markdown (and if they did, I can always return them). Last week, I made away with 2 pairs - a pair of Chloe Terry Kid sandals and a pair of YSL Tribute sandals.

One thing that bothered me originally is the iridescent patent. The whole glittery look reminds me of little girl's shoes, but unless light is directly shining on to them, you can barely notice it on the black. It is more noticeable on the white, but mainly just the tip. I love the classic black/white combination, and the details on the heels!

We checked out Saks the day before the additional 50% markdown and I was lusting over a pair of black, 4 inch high, Chloe sandals. Unfortunately, the front two straps were made of jelly, and that really turned me off. When I showed T them, she told me to wait and brought this pair of white sandals.

At first J and I both liked the black ones more, but these white ones started growing on us. Soon after, even J wanted a pair! Luckily, we managed to find another pair. These actually remind me of a pair of Ann Demeulemeester's sandals (I LOVE her shoes, but they are way too pricey and they never make it to further reductions).

Day 2 T picked up these YSL Tributes and I fell in love. Instantly. She said it wasn't her style, so they became mine.

For the mean time just pics of the shoes before I start ruining them (by wearing them). S and I have been too caught up with shoes the past two weeks, but we will definitely get to some non-shoe posts!



  1. ahhhhh i love your chloes i want to see them worn!!! and i'm so jealous of the ysls =P i can't believe T gave them up!!

  2. these are such great shoes!
    check out my blog?