Sunday, July 12, 2009

giuseppe zattoni sample sale

Even though all the department stores are doing further reductions, it's hard to pass on sample sales, especially sample sales for shoes. $100 Manolos, $50 Sergio Rossis are unheard of, of course, unless when one is in New York City. This time, it is $100 (and up) Giuseppes. The sale happened this past Wednesday from 10am - 4pm. Unfortunately, I had work that day, but fortunately, the sale was only a few blocks away from work. Much to our surprise, when J, S and I got to the sale at around 11am, there was no line whatsoever. I understand it is during normal working hours, but New Yorkers are crazy about sample sales, the Jimmy Choo sample sale a month or two ago started forming at 10am, 3 hours before the sale started! (I am definitely not complaining about the no-line situation!)

The sale was located at Giuseppe Zanotti's showroom and was very organized. There were two rooms of shoes and all the shoes were neatly displayed in rows, with their corresponding shoe boxes stacked below. Lucky for me, one of the rooms were just size 7s (while the other sizes shared the other room). I usually wear a size 6.5, but for $100 Giuseppes, I will make do with going through the trouble of getting a pair of insoles for them! I scored a pair of red pumps with black heels that I can spice up a black dress with for work, or can be worn with denim for a night out.

I have yet to get some insoles for them, so no modeling pics yet!

Unfortunately for S and J, the selection for size 5-6 was pretty small, and they both ended up not getting anything and saving their money for Saks (as you've seen).



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  2. so cute! I can't wait to see the rest of them!

  3. I so wish I lived in new York right now! Can't wait to see how they look when worn!

  4. Ooh.
    nice colour, peep toes interesting.

  5. great colour honey, love the peep toe detail too! yummy shoes

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments!

    Will definitely post some pics of them worn once I get around buying some insoles for them!