Saturday, July 11, 2009

day at the park

Going to spend the day at riverside park with boyfriend. I think this is would be perfect with my gray-felt wide-brimmed hat.

except that those beautiful Miu Mius aren't entirely mine yet. J technically claimed them first, but I bought them because they couldn't be put on hold any longer and J wasn't around to buy them. So she has a few more days to claim them from me. But aren't they so beautiful? Here's a closeup of the color and details, and some more I took last night under some weird lighting:



  1. love love love those miu mius!!

  2. waow ! love your shoes !!

  3. Great Miu Miu.. And I love your pinkish coral shoes!!

  4. i love the sparkles! i have a pair of miu miu flats with the cluster of rhinestones...they work with everything!

  5. I love your shoes, and your own style!